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Alexandra (Sasha) Powell
Online User Guides Ltd

Meet the Experts!


Online User Guides Ltd delivers Spaghetti Mapping documentation services concurrently to multiple businesses in different sectors: Finance, Healthcare, and Market Research.

An expert typically spends 2 days per week at the customer site. The key to getting good results is to talk to people in all departments. Information is often siloed in a company, so getting lots of perspectives helps to build a wiki-like picture which is then mapped out.


Online User Guides Ltd is based in Worcester but also keeps rented accommodation for staff for weekdays in Finchley, London.


Alexandra (Sasha) Powell is our Spaghetti Mapping expert. She has over 15 years of experience in working with management and technical staff to create user-friendly solutions for your business.


Please see Sasha's LinkedIn profile for recommendations from:

  • Paul Mitchem - Head of Inventory and System Support at Kantar Worldpanel
  • Godric Horne and Dan Wilczyk - Head of Technology and Head of Development at APS Financial/Cashplus
  • Rachel Granger, Mike Roberts, and Mo Khan -
    IT Business Services Manager, IT Director, and IT Service Delivery
    Manager at The London Clinic
  • Mary Anne Schmidt - Senior Manager at Geocent
  • Marilyn Shattuck - Information Solutions Manager at Avaya
  • Scott Wilson - Program Manager at Stratus Technologies
  • Anthony Lamont - Training Manager at August Group
  • Rob Liddell - Professional Services Director at Altris Software

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