Creating a Complete Picture

High Level Overview Maps

The Spaghetti Mapping documentation service creates a complete picture by designing a suite of interlinking maps:

  • The swirly high level maps provide an overview showing third parties, general software areas, and colours for different data types.

Server Level Maps

  • The straight-lined detailed maps show how data is moved around at server, application, and file folder path level with SQL jobs, Windows tasks, and their schedules.

Database Job Relationships Maps

  • The “Egg” maps are overviews of relationships between all database scheduled jobs (with the categories indicated by colour and position). Each job on the Egg hotlinks to a document page describing the job steps and listing the input/output folders and database tables.

Specialised Equipment Maps

  • Some of the server-level detailed maps show photos and technical details of specialised electronic equipment (e.g. data collection devices or clinical modalities) linked to the servers.

Spaghetti Mapping Catalogue

Online User Guides uses SharePoint to deliver a Spaghetti Mapping Catalogue. Customers use this catalogue to find the latest versions of all the maps, along with the support documents. All the maps in the catalogue follow the concept of business processes fleshed out over the skeleton of IT infrastructure.

Spaghetti Mapping Catalogue for Market Research